Bedrock Fiber Group is a sister company of VoIPster Communications. Its focus is reliable internet connectivity for businesses. The infrastructure of our parent company allows us to capitalize on the nearly decade old experience and reputation of a service provider.

Since 2015 we have been working in internet-related industries. We cannot count how many times we have heard “my internet is so slow.” It is fairly certain that anyone who has been online has said those words at one time or another.

The truth is there are many potential reasons for this. Your internet service provider. LAN (Local Area Network) or WAN (Wide Area Network, which in most cases is your internet service provider) network saturation. Atmospheric conditions. Even your own equipment. That is just a few possible reasons. There are admittedly many possible contributing factors. Each one of those factors is a building block to you getting “connected.” Just like when building anything else, a good foundation is vital.

Your internet service provider is the foundation of getting you connected online. Their job is to facilitate two-way communication between you (your connected devices) and the servers they connect to, which make them “smart.”

Humans are creatures of habit. Two-way communication has been around for centuries. One of the earliest forms of two-way communication is writing. The concept is pretty simple. You write something down and send it to someone. They receive it, read what you wrote and reply. This cycle continues until a complete thought is conveyed, decision is made or resolution is reached. The concept has remained the same but methodologies have changed. One of the earliest implementations was the Pony Express. The Pony Express would take your letter or package pretty much anywhere but delivery could take days, weeks or even months. Delivery methodologies evolved to include trains, automobiles and airplanes. With each evolution came faster delivery times for our packages. It used to take months to deliver a picture from New York to Florida. Now, with the internet, we can do that in seconds.

We have all heard the term “internet speed” but did you know your internet connection is comprised of two different speeds? Your upload speed (this is the speed at which you send data out) and your download speed (this is the speed at which data can come to you). When you send a request out over your internet connection, most of the time a response must come back. Basic two-way communication.

You may be surprised to learn, many internet service providers do not provide upload and download speeds that match. You might be thinking, “that’s not a big deal, right?” We disagree. Think about it this way, imagine you send that picture from your home in New York to your friend in Florida using Pony Express. Your friend may not receive your message for weeks. Now, imagine your friend replied using airmail. You are going to receive the response much quicker. If you had multiple messages going back and forth in this scenario, it is easy to see how this may lead to confusion and potential bottlenecks in communication.

Connections where upload and download speeds do not match are referred to as asynchronous connections. When you are promised a speed and you cannot send responses as quickly as you can receive them, how can you ever obtain the speed you were promised? That is why with VoIPster Communications, Inc. connectivity, upload and download speeds are synchronous. They match. We want you to focus on success, not bottlenecks because you are waiting on responses. We believe your connectivity should work for you. Your productivity should not be held captive by your connectivity. That is why our slogan is “Connect the way you want!


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